take your time

To create, planning and reflection are necessary to decide what you will do, how you will do it, and how long it will take.

All of this takes time.

Without a structure in place to commit to this process it can all seem too hard when in reality it is only unfamiliar. Here lies the struggle.

The first step in creativity then is time management.

To do this you’ll need to write notes, plan a calendar or at least write a list.

Creativity and writing go hand in hand. Use writing to claim your time.

Time is finite.

Time cannot be made.

There is no way to make time, but you can claim it as your own.

Take time to make time.

Come learn with me

I'm a firm believer in thinking inside the box.
The first thing I do when approaching a new project is to give myself rigid guidelines and precise limits. That's how I begin to think.
If I were told that I could create anything in any medium, using any amount of space and any amount of time, I'd stand in a field and scream.

Writing for expression is...