This site is for my writing. My main focus is to write, the writing collection topics will vary according to inspiration.

The menu includes writing collections of my work which I will continue to add to. I am currently working on Journey of a Novel.

Writing is something that I’ve never seemed to be able to make enough time for but recently I’ve had the good fortune to have more time to myself alone. I live in Melbourne Australia where the lifestyle right now is perfect to stay home and create, so I am.

I write first draft work that I do check over to be sure that it makes sense, then I leave it behind. I only do a rough edit so apologies in advance for any errors that catch the eye while reading. Also, for those who have translated this site from English to their language, I hope that it reads well when translated for you.

I might revisit my writing later but then again I might not because that is not why I write. I write to make sense of my thoughts, explore my imagination, to gain insight into my perceptions and to express myself.