This site is for my writing. My main focus is to write, the writing collection topics will vary according to inspiration.

I write to make sense of my thoughts, explore my imagination, to gain insight into my perceptions, and to express myself. For the past 15 years I’ve been teaching storytelling, mentoring creatives and facilitating writing workshops, if you’d like me to help you contact me for a session.

I live in Australia where the lifestyle right now is perfect to stay home and create, so I am – my current writing project is Journey of a Novel along with writing a novel.

On this website I write first draft work that I do check over to be sure that it makes sense, then I leave it behind. I only do a rough edit so apologies in advance for any errors that catch the eye while reading. Also, for those who use the ‘select language’ option to translate this site from English to your mother tongue – I hope that it reads well when translated for you.