The tip of my tongue

When lost in conversation, listening, sharing ideas and swept up in the momentum of back and forth I can have moments when the thing that I want to say, to share and express, is there at the edge of my mind but no longer fully formed. It was brimming in my mind not a moment before, but then wavers beyond my focus, and I have to wait because it will return. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Wait, what was I going to say? Oh I just had it!

I smirk at the fact that the words I had formed in my mouth ready to speak are gone. I wait and let go of the need to speak and shake my head. The words will return when I stop searching my mind for them.

It happens to us all.

This same thing is happening to me now with my 4th draft.

It’s the first chapter that has me coming to my keyboard, pausing and looking off into space with purpose as if the words will appear there.

The beginning needs to be reworked. I have moved forward bit by bit making decisions for the start of the story to be stronger, imagery to be more on point, the character better introduced, and researched points to add. This is structural and detail though, the writing of it is challenging me.

Words elude me when I sit to write, I have a snapshot in my mind rather than a scene playing out.

So, the same as when the words are on the tip of my tongue I will wait for the scene to form clearly in my mind.

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