The end is near

The final chapter of the 2nd draft is almost done. Yes I’ve been dragging my feet, yes I’ve been out of my writing routine, yes I am intimidated by the idea of reaching ‘the next stage’. Completing this chapter takes me to the next step of my writing journey which is a whole new realm of the unknown.
I have plans for what’s next being to print out and read through the entire second draft with pen in hand to take notes as I go. I want to edit the bigger picture for cohesiveness of the story. My expectation is that I’ll have to better articulate themes, revisit imagery and bring together character development points. The tricky part will be to work through this without being distracted by small details that don’t really matter until I get to that point in drafting.
Writing this novel had been such a long journey that I want it to end yet cannot imagine being without it. I’m very wary of circling over the task endlessly so want to move forward progressively with an end in sight.
If all goes well my plan to write will go to plan.
So, the end is near and I’m not sure how to feel about that. With still 1000 words to write I’m not certain that I like the direction that I’m writing in, or if I’ve said all I need to say, or if I’ve done the protagonist and story justice, or if I’m ready for the end.

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