I never really got it before…

I used to live in a two-storey house where I would find myself going upstairs to get something then going all the way back downstairs before I realised that I had forgotten what I intended to get. When I arrived downstairs I always had something in hand, and was glad to have it, but it wasn’t what I went all the way upstairs for. I liken writing the 2nd draft to this experience. There are parts that I have intentions for when I revisit them but once I get there other ideas crowd in, or inspiration takes over and the best of intentions get swept away in a flow of creativity.

When I lived in the two-storey house I consoled myself by treating the experience as an opportunity to improve my memory, focus and get a workout by doing extra stair runs. Comparatively with writing, I am beginning to understand this is an opportunity to step back and consider my intentions with a broader perspective that includes having the 3rd draft in sight.

I am learning first-hand why multiple drafts are needed – I never really got it before…

I’ve written my way through to chapter nine which I should finish soon. It’s surprising to me that I’ve written my way to this point. Also, I have reorganised and catalogued my research because I was wasting time looking over old notes.

The two-storey home did help with my memory, my planning, and toned my calves and I became grateful for it as I improved. Writing drafts in much the same way is bringing my story into focus.

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