Writing the 2nd draft is going well. I have finished chapter four now. Chapter three before that was easy, it has been my favourite chapter to write the 1st time around and I really enjoyed revisiting it.

Chapter four was harder to work my way through, it had been a lot harder to write and I had left it half baked. This, it seems, will be the flow for writing the 2nd draft with some chapters needing a whole lot more attention than others.

To finish chapter four I cut out pieces and moved them to include in chapter five, other parts I just deleted. When I write the 3rd draft of the novel chapter five will need further attention – it just hasn’t come out as I want it to. Not quite right is the feeling that I get when I read back over. I do like what I have written, it reads well, the elements that I wanted the chapter to include are there but it is missing something, or has too much of something, or, I don’t know … it can be better.

For chapter five and six I expect to have similar challenges with clarity for myself in writing those sections. To get the work out, down and done when writing the 1st draft I moved through some chapters and left them in a state of incompleteness knowing that I would be coming back for a 2nd pass, 3rd pass, and I don’t know how many more. These revisits though have left me forewarned and forearmed as I come back to revisit them with the angst gone that I had when writing them.

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