Where to start

I’m starting at the beginning.

I’ve started at the beginning of my story many times shifting the starting point and pondering the origin story – what it is, how to tell it, where and how does it start…

Imagery is important to me, I’m a visual writer often writing what I see in my mind and doing my best to document that vision as I tell the story. Sharing what I see is my story telling method which makes me a sucker for descriptive writing. Using the images that I have in mind also makes the narrative sketchy with gaps and at times I get caught up with too much thought around details that I question as necessary.

With my writing to date I have created a word document where I have pasted my work in order as best I can. I’ve done 3 things with this file for navigating my work.

1 – I’ve pasted the writing in sections of chapters as I currently see them to cluster story parts together which makes it easier to find the story part that I’m working on saving me time and frustration when looking for ‘that bit’.

2 – I’ve colour coded each piece of writing to help define different pieces that I’ve written over time, in part this has become unnecessary as I dissect and move the pieces about editing in new writing as I go. Colour coding has and still does help me to move through the writing referencing where I am at visually with the colours though.

3 – The file is now my work in progress as I continue to shuffle what I have written, add to it, and use past writing as the bones of what I am working on.

For the past few days I have chipped away at how I will tell the story with a focus on committing to a style. I want to tell this old disputed narrative that sits in the intersecting realms of fantasy, religion, history and origin with a tone that honours all. Can I do this? I really don’t know but I am going to get lost in that idea and give it a go. This type of story has always appealed to me, I get sucked into the awe and wonder that they embody. If I get lost in a story or it has me questioning I know that it’s a good one, I know that I can lose myself there and revel in my imagination. When a story gives me space to root myself in the lost time that imagination serves up I have a saying of my own that I always come back to and that is:

I don’t care if a story is true only if it is good

With that in mind I am taking that feeling of being lost in a story because it is good and doing my best to write my novel that way.

3 thoughts on “Where to start

  1. Fartfist

    I have no uncertainty that you are already writer and yes, you can do this. It’s done.
    You are so uniquely organized and far more talented than you realize.
    Welcome to being awesome. I am glad you were born.


    Liked by 1 person

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