Choir Of Voices In Denial

Escape from Melbourne for the new year break seemed like a good idea; escape from the pervading structures that have been cast over Melbourne to find some relief from the relentless uncertainty of surprise announcements and divisive conversations. Surely a trip away to Queensland where the beach is allowed, and freedom shaming is a headline from elsewhere was a good idea….? It seemed so in theory.

Longing for escape has become a popular past time for most these days along with seeking out destinations that provide a getaway which are in reality now no more but exist only as reminiscent thoughts about the past. There is no place to escape from the headline mongering being pressed upon our consciousness.

Over 1000km of terrain doesn’t change the landscape of our times but does change the timeline by transporting me to a place where people gobble up the mainstream media with a tenacity that could be better applied to an exploration of values, beliefs and the foundations of their lives. There is no motivation to question when on the surface it appears that nothing is happening, yet there’s a niggling awareness gestating in the background.

Conversations abound with the salt and peppering of comments detailing limited interest in events that don’t infringe on everyday life such as It hasn’t changed anything here, or we’ve hardly noticed it or most worrying to me for our nation what’s happening in England is terrible. Furthering discussion beyond these comments result in silence or judgey looks at best. Any recounting of my experiences has been met with disbelief and a there, there now countenance which perfectly encapsulates the inept skillset of any without first-hand encounters to digest what isn’t on their front doorstep.

All of the un words have come into play on a new level with the inability of people to identify with what they have never experienced before. Unprecedented events, uncertain times, unacknowledged influences, unnecessary divisions are ignored for the most part by the collective; a normal response given the world that we all came from but when digesting the mish mash of information it needs to be recognised that normal has gone for good.

There’s no reason to consider reason with so much patchy information scattered amongst the propaganda and “news” that delivers a dose of confusion with nothing adding up and no-one allowed to ask questions. The pervading tension resonating through society has everyone on edge unwilling to discuss what’s going on in the absence of any real information. Discussion by definition allows for consideration of a broad perspective with a view to resolve but requires being able to autonomously explore ideas which is becoming limited daily by those that we do not converse with.

Hanging tough has become my new hobby and turning inward my point of focus to maintain a sense of calm in the storm that the majority here only think is brewing even though the deluge has begun. The sun is shining and the rain is pouring down in the sunshine state giving the impression that it’s just a little sunshower and it’ll all be gone soon enough.

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